Café Nihonbashi

Enjoy the unique gastronomy of an island in East Asia, from the cosy comfort of a modern café dazzling inside The Radh Kandy, in the heart of Kandy.

The Menu

An offshoot of the prestigious ‘Nihonbashi Honten’, ‘Café Nihonbashi’ appreciates a Sushi centric menu, interspersed with other Nihon-inspired delectables like Sashimi and Donburi. The soybean relish, Edamame; cold-tofu treat, Hiyayakko; and leafy seaweed salad, Kaisou lure one’s taste buds. From Chicken to Barramundi, Donburi selections top off rice offerings with simmered meat and fish treats. Traditional Rice Ball, Onigiri are infused with Salmon and Tuna. Bringing home the taste of the Japanese vinegared rice goodness, the Sushi collection wraps up luscious seafood and meat flavours. The jewel of Japanese gastronomy, Sashimi and uniquely-flavoured Ramen are other highlights at this Washoku cafe.

The Experience

Located at The Radh Kandy, ‘Café Nihonbashi’ promises a tranquil setting, dovetailed with luxurious flourishes and aesthetics to indulge the discerning epicurean.

‘Café Nihonbashi’, a taste of Japan, in the heart of Kandy…

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Starting price

LKR 700 Upwards

Business Hours

12.00pm - 10.00pm, Monday to Sunday


Oriental and Eastern

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