Butter Boutique

‘Butter Boutique’ is a venue popular for rich, delicious cakes and serving some of Colombo's sought after coffee beverages. Located in two trendy locations in the midst of the cosmopolitan city of Colombo, the venue invites patrons to experience the sweet layered craft displayed within.

The Menu

Step into a world filled with sweet delights whisked up in cakes, cupcakes, sweet rolls, cookies and beverages that are more than just thirst quenches but an experience in itself. Planning on a gastronomic splurge? Try the Full Cakes, like the Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, the Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake or the Cookie Dough Cheese Cake. Go for the Slice with a selection of the Oreo, the Strawberry Chocolate or the Mocha Cake. Brownies ranging from the Brownie Triple Chocolate to the Oreo infused as well as Cupcakes temptingly await your dessert decision. Additionally peeking through the menu will be the classic Apple Pie and the Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart.

A range of aromatic coffees range from the Espresso, Macchiato to the Mocha while Chai Latte and the Golden Latte infused with Turmeric are one of a kind beverages to sip and experience while munching down on a slice of delicious melt in your mouth cake crafts. Movenpick ice-creams area also on offer and if you do happen to drop in at the outlet at Park Street Mews, make sure to give the Panna Cotta with Berries, the Swiss Chocolate, the Vanilla Brownie and Mango Sorbet a twirl.

The Experience

Step into a venue that is fragrant and full of colour; a reflection of the delicacies that are highlighted and served within this sweet space. ‘Butter Boutique’ takes you on a dessert journey accompanied by aromatic brews infused with intriguing accents of culture and tradition. Make your selection, sit down, cut into a slice, take a sip and savour a sensory moment.

Note: Business hours are subject to change as a seasonal special as well as from outlet to outlet. Please clarify prior to visit.

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Starting price

LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

08.00am - 08.00pm, Sunday to Thursday

08.00am - 11.00pm, Friday to Saturday


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