Brew Bar

The art of waffling perfected.

Tucked away on Rosmead Place, ‘Brew Bar’ has created quite a buzz in the scape of Colombo 7, serving up a fresh new take on an American classic, along with a range of hot and cold beverages crafted to complement your chosen palate.

The Menu

Introducing the all new Bubble Waffle; a crispy, baked goodness plated freshly warm, with a treasure trove of accompaniments to choose from. Packing in a variety of toppings, bases and added features, the Bubble Waffle menu offers the dessert lover just what they like to hear; a 4-step make-your-own process with choices of all things sweet. Opt for the golden classic, the Original Waffle or the Chocolate; your choice of batter is your sweet base. Slip in scoops of frozen delight, be it Chocolate or Vanilla and drown it in luscious toppings of Nutella or Caramel. Wrap up in Chocolate content; Oreo, Kit Kat and Snickers allure. The savoury Bubble Waffle doubles as a delightful breakfast dish; lined up within its Waffle holds are choices of Cheese, Sunny-Side Up Eggs and either Sausage or Pol Sambol (a coconut accompaniment).

A beverage highlight at ‘Brew Bar’ is their unorthodox serving of Cheese Tea. Sip through its first fluffy cheese layer and move onto your flavour choice; cold options include Oreo, Mango and Passion fruit while the Hot range slots in Black Current, Caramel and Peach. Shakes in all their chilled glory beckon; go for the Kit Kat, Oreo or Snickers Shakeology should you feel Chocolate or order up the Piña Colada, Hazelnut or Honeydew.

The Experience

Neighbour to ‘Zylan Luxury Villa Colombo’, ‘Brew Bar’ enjoys a compartmentalized but trendy space in the building’s lobby. Step into a café themed in earthern and neutral hues, dovetailed with little trinkets and knick-knacks which add a dose of minimalistic chic to the setting. One can sink into comfort perches at the ‘Zylan Luxury Villa Colombo’ lobby until the buzzer rings in one’s order, or settle back on high chairs at the café amidst intimate lighting.

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Teas and Shakes


Starting price

LKR 450 Upwards

Business Hours

11.00am - 07.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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