Seated amidst a quaint, scenic garden in Nawala, the ‘Box-O-Noodles’ dishes out picture-perfect, hand-crafted specialty noodle relishes.

The Menu

The prawn-jazzed glass noodle salad, Canton Tiger and Hanoi Rolls titillate one’s taste buds in the starter menu. From chicken-and-prawn-inspired Jakarta Jumble and thai-red-prawn-curry-spiced Red Siam, to Asian-veggie-mixed Balinese Barong, exotic rice treats are on offer.

In the noodle assortment; Chili chicken lazes amid the cashew-sprinkled Hidden Dragon; Sweet and sour fish beckons from The Gong; Shitake mushrooms dance into golden-fried tofu, in the Black Belt; Prawns twirl through laksa noodles, in the Laksa King.

The chicken noodle relish, Kung Fu Panda and the chicken and prawn rice delicacy, Ninjago are meant to delight children. Chocolate Spring Rolls sweeten your taste buds after a spicy meal.

The Experience

Located amid the buzzing setting of Nawala, the ‘Box-O-Noodles’ occupies a scenic, leafy garden. Seating areas are appointed under the shade of greenery, creating a charming al fresco vibe ideal for a casual hangout. The restaurant also offers a take-away and home delivery service.

‘Kiss of the dragon’; seafood and chicken amid tom-yum-sauce-sparked noodle splendour…

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Starting price

LKR 500 Upwards

Business Hours

12.00pm - 10.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday


Oriental and Eastern

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