Botanik Bistro Rooftop & Bar

A rustic-chic bistro and rooftop bar located at ‘Fairway Colombo’, in the city’s business district, ‘Botanik Bistro Rooftop & Bar’ orchestrates high-end gastronomic experiences inspired by all-things-botanical.

The Menu

Skillfully curated by a Sri Lanka-born Michelin-star chef, the menu at ‘Botanik Bistro Rooftop & Bar’ rejoices in chic, sophisticated dishes. Delicious snack selections promise the likes of Chicken Liver Parfaits paired with brioche, Prawn Toasts sprinkled with sesame and chili and Curry Leaf Vade served alongside onion salad. Beautifully orchestrated to create a stylish European vibe, lunch and dinner menus at ‘Botanik Bistro Rooftop & Bar’ brim with slow-cooked meats, fresh seafood, handmade breads and pastas. Appetizers, such as Steak Tatare, Poached Chicken Salad, Focaccia Bread and Roasted Beetroot are followed by sumptuous main dishes, such as Ricotta Tortellini, Roasted Mahi Mahi, Pan Fried Barramundi and Slow Cooked Beef. Lemon Cheese Cakes, Dark Chocolate Nut Pies and Buffalo Curd Parfaits ensure that meals are topped off in style.

An array of Gin Cocktails, curated by a mixologist from France, partners Gins like Martin Miller’s and Hendricks’ with Juices like Pink which is an infusion of pomegranate, rose and tonic and Greens which is a blend of cucumber, rosemary and tonic - resulting in spectacular evening drinks. The treacle-sweetened Lime Cooler, ginger-kicked Super Sop, Rose Tea and Affogato revels in dreamy concoctions. From Tamarind and Jasmine Cocktails, Beer, Wine and Liqueur, to Tequila, Gin and Rum, the sophisticated bar menu offers something for every palate.

The Experience

Nestled in downtown Colombo, ‘Botanik Bistro Rooftop & Bar’ mixes modern and rustic charm, with hints of the Mediterranean. As you walk in, a tropical wallpaper splashed with exotic trees, birds and butterflies arrests your eyes. Brightly-lit and airy, the bistro dining area is elegantly furnished with cosy seating areas and potted plants .Set up on a slight elevation, the large show kitchen adds to the aura of the bistro. Unfurling Mediterranean aesthetics, the outdoor bar with its mosaic tiles and pastel shades afford ecstatic views of the city’s skyline. As the sun goes down, acoustic music transforms the day-time’s sophisticated café into a dreamy wonderland.

As you step in, the tropical murals mesmerize your beauty-loving eyes. Pastel colours take you to another time, another life…

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Starting price

LKR 1500 Upwards

Business Hours

05.30pm - 10.00pm, Sunday

12.00pm - 01.00am, Tuesday to Friday

05.30pm - 01.00am, Saturday


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