Bombay Sweet Centre

Step into an aromatic space inspired by traditional Indian and Pakistani sweets, treats, savouries, as well as a variety of flavoured drinks. The ‘Bombay Sweet Centre’ in Colombo Sri Lanka, is a popular place to eat and drink and indulge in some cultural bites, with a unique taste.

The Menu

The ‘Bombay Sweet Centre’ has a menu filled with treats, ranging from Mains, Sweets, Fruit Salads, Beverages, Chocolates and Cakes. Main items such as the Hot Mixture, Devil, Fried, Garlic or Raw Cashew are an exotic and traditional treat that can be quite addictive. Savoury items, the warm, fresh Chicken and Vegetable Samosas, with a hint of crunch or Chicken and Beef Rolls are tasteful mouthfuls.

The ‘Bombay Sweet Centre; is the ideal venue for a sweet-tooth. Here in the traditional Indian inspired food and beverage outlet in Colombo, sweetmeats such as Boondi; a special combination of chopped cashew nuts, sweet raisins dipped in rose flavoured honey syrup, as well as a range of flavoured sticky Muskets, including the Special Musket with chopped almonds, cashew nuts, dry grapes and natural peach dipped in rose flavoured almonds are on offer. Jalebi; also known as Honey Bangles are a swirl of pure golden taste. Get a healthy dose of a bowl full of tropical fruit, in a tropical serving of fresh Fruit Salad.

Beverages such as Rose Faluda, Rose and Nelli Syrup, Fruit Juices in flavours of Mango, Wood Apple and Almond Crush entice with tempting colour. Lassi and Milkshakes in traditional flavours of Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, as well as a few novelty blends of Mango and Date along with the popular sweetened Iced Coffee and Milo are refreshing drinks that make the tropical heat bearable.

The Chocolate range is laid out in Fruit Marzipan Almond Joy and Choco Nutties, while cakes delight in Rich Cake, Chocolate or Vanilla Cupcakes and the heavenly chocolate laden nutted Chocolate Brownies.

The Experience

Step into a sweet shop that is quaint and exudes an old world charm filled with the sweet and savoury aromas of an array colourfully displayed, mouthwatering treats. It’s time to indulge in an irresistible cultural delicacy.

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Indian Pakistani Sweetmeats

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