Big Bite Biriyani

A Pakistani gastronomic purveyor located in Rajagiriya, Kohuwala, Mount Lavinia and Dehiwala is evocative of the Indian Subcontinent’s striking rice splendour, buttoned up with spices and herbs - Biriyani.

The Menu

A mishmash of veggies and meats lazes on a serving of rice; held together with cinnamon, cardamom, clove, coriander, ginger and turmeric accents. From a cultural concoction at sun-soaked Pakistani households, to a special occasion treat in the palmy isle, the Biriyani has intrigued a discerning audience across the oceans. In a tribute to this exotic rice offering, the massive metal pots at the ‘Big Bite Biriyani’ conjures up some of its luscious recipes, including Plain, Chicken, BBQ Chicken and Mutton Biriyani.

Veggie, Egg, Chicken, BBQ Chicken and Mutton Fried Rice, coupled with spicy BBQ Chicken or Mixed Vegetables, make hearty lunch treats. On a hot evening, scoop up piquant Chicken or Mutton Masala with Butter Naan, Roti or Chapati; or happily munch on juicy Kebabs.

The Experience

From the exotic aromas that greet you upon walking in, to the tempting sight of steaming hot Biriyani being served into containers, the ‘Big Bite Biriyani’ is an exuberance to the senses. Powered by a massive metal pot, the takeout-oriented purveyor operates on a small space, with a few seating areas for those who wish to dine-in.

A Biriyani smouldering with spice, straight off Pakistani cookbooks; watch out for those dried chili flake bombs!

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