Baskin Robbins

‘Baskin-Robbins’ is an international ice cream franchise founded by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in Glendale, California in the year 1945. Today it serves chilled sweetness and soothes the tropical heat of the cosmopolitan city of Colombo via flavourful outlets in key bustling locations. A dessert parlour, filled with colourful and enticing flavour combinations; sure to kick up a sugar rush in both the young and old.

The Menu

For the Loyal Chocolatiers, the enticing, creamy traditional Chocolate, the Bavarian Chocolate and the Chocolate Chip Mousse are just a few of the chocolaty delights on offer. Fruit Lovers will be satisfied with the collection of fruit inspired ice-creams on display, such as the Black Currant and the sweet Mango. Give your taste buds scoops and cups full of unique flavour experiences with the Honey Raisin, Vanilla Almond Praline, Mint Milk Chocolate, the Honey Nut Crunch and the playful blue and pink streaked Cotton Candy ice-cream.

Should you wish for something a little different, indulge in the delicious Sundaes and Shakes that are available. Try the Hot Fudge, Cookies and Cream or the Nutty Professor or if you want to be a bit adventurous, make your own with the choice of customised sundaes with the option of one, two or three scoopfuls depending on your sugar cravings. Should you want to top up with something a little more fluid, give the flavourful floats and creamy thick shakes a go and pick from toppings such as Hot Fudge or the Strawberry Syrup to top it off.

Home Delivery, Takeaway and Dine-In options are available to patrons.

The Experience

Step into the cool comfort of a dessert food and beverage venue that reflects the colours and the fun personality of the ice cream it serves out in scoops and cups. Pick your favourite flavour and saunter away while savouring your sweet creamy treat or lounge on cosy, comfortable seating and while away your time in dessert splendour.

Note: Business hours and menu items are subject to change from outlet to outlet. Please clarify prior to visit.

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