Bearing a moniker inspired by the tropical marine fish species of the same name, the ‘Barracuda’ styles the cornucopia of the ocean into Chinese and Thai seafood treats. The tropical retreat offers outlets in Dehiwala, Crow Island at Colombo 15 and Galle Face Green.

The Menu

Nestled amongst tropical canopies by the beach, this seafood restaurant and grill, shows a deep-dyed interest in Thai and Chinese culinary traditions, from old recipes, to new flavour orchestras. Each dish, a concert of colour, aroma and taste; Barracuda’s menu entices the epicurean with a myriad of gastronomic treats. Appetizers highlight Thai delicacies such as the Thai Noodle Soup and the Thai Prawn Cake, as well as, Chinese treats such as the Hot Butter Mushroom and the Cuttlefish Ball Soup.

The seafood selection revels in steamed, deep-fried, stir-fried, as well as, sweet and sour, chili, butter, pepper and garlic style dishes, including the Deep-fried Prawn, Cuttlefish Red Curry, Steamed Fish Fillet in Garlic Sauce, Smoked Garoupa, Savoury Chili Lobster and Pepper Crab. Choose from an array of meat offerings which features the Sautéed Chicken in Sweet and Sour Soup, Indonesian Style Mutton and Masaman Beef Curry. Those wishing to indulge in summery Sizzlers may gorge on Lamb Chops or Sizzling Grilled Cuttlefish. Showcased in the veggie choices are the Vegetable Red Curry, Fried Egg Plant and Mock Duck. A delightful range of Sandwiches, Fried Rice, Noodles, Pasta and Bean Curd is also on the cards.

Pair your meal with a glass of Lemonade or Ginger Beer, or order a Fresh Juice such as Mango or Cranberry. Finish off with an exquisite delectable such as Chocolate Brownies or Strawberry Cheesecake, or bask in the summery notes of the Mango Sticky Rice.

The Experience

Occupying scenic spots on the shores of Dehiwala, Crow Island in Colombo 15 and Galle Face Green, ‘Barracuda’ brims with a tropical beach charm. From laid-back main restaurant areas and private dining rooms, to beach huts and open beach spaces, diners can choose from varied seating arrangements. Basking in beige and brown hues, the interiors sport a relaxed, cosy vibe which is accentuated by rustic-looking wooden furniture. ‘Barracuda’ also plays host to elegant private gatherings and al fresco parties.

As you gather on the breeze-swept turf at Barracuda Galle Face Green, aromas of grilled treats beckon to you. Below, the ocean softly dribbles onto the shore. This is what a timeless tropical night looks like.

Note: Business hours and menu items are subject to change from outlet to outlet.

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