Barefoot Garden Café

Tucked in the charming courtyard of the fabled Barefoot Gallery, the ‘Barefoot Garden Café’ is the epitome of a private oasis in tropical cosmopolitan gardens. The elegant café concocts dainty desserts, scrumptious sandwiches and exquisite coffees.

The Menu

Showcasing treats such as the Ham and Cheese, Roast Beef and Fresh Tuna, the Sandwich offerings at ‘Barefoot Garden Café’ revel in warm loaves of Ciabatta and Cheese Bread, bristling with juicy fillings. Lovingly handmade in the Middle Eastern fashion, the Falafel Pita Pockets is paired with the Chinese Cucumber Salad. From toothsome delights such as Quiches and Spring Rolls to health-giving treats such as Hummus and Green Salads, captivating tuck-ins abound.

Intrigued by Serendib’s time-honoured culinary heritage, the ‘Barefoot Garden Café’ dishes out fragrant interpretations of the traditional Rice and Curry, comprising rice, tropical vegetable curries and meat or fish offerings. Come the weekend, the café brims with crowds rejoicing in its English breakfast that highlights classics like Bacon, Toast and Jam, Sausages and Fried Eggs.

Inspired by its love story with dreamy, dainty notes, the ‘Barefoot Garden Café’ whips up an array of charming desserts, including Chocolate Brownies, Crème Brûlée, Banoffee Pie and Passion Fruit Mousse. From Milkshakes, Smoothies and Fresh Juices that evoke gorgeous feelings, to Hot Chocolate, fragrant Ceylon Teas and Coffees that smell like sophisticated dreams, beverage selections are indulgent. After a busy day, kick back at the breezy garden whilst downing a wine or beer under the star-sown skies.

The Experience

Set in an enchanting garden courtyard, the ‘Barefoot Garden Café’ exudes a tranquil ambiance. Natural surroundings strewn with lush tropical plants have been decked out with wooden furniture, to lend it a scenic, paradisiac feel. Cosily appointed, the outdoor dining spaces craft the rhythm for romance and respite. Delivering delectable spreads over swirls of live jazz music, the Sunday’s themed lunch draws many an epicurean to the café. ‘Barefoot Garden Café’ also entertains quiz nights, cultural events and private parties.

Midweek coffee fix at ‘Barefoot Garden Café’. Between charming ponds and breezy trees, this is the place to untangle yourself from the grind of daily routines.

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Starting price

LKR 1000 Upwards

Business Hours

11.00am - 06.00pm, Sunday

10.00am - 07.00pm, Monday to Saturday


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