Named after a sumptuous treat of French origin, the ‘Baguette’ outlets on Havelock Road and Colombo 7, are a lovely reminder of how delightful French bakeries could be.

The Menu

Believing in the beauty of authentic breads, ‘Baguette’ makes a go of its baking empire with premium flours hailing from Europe, such as wheat, rye, maize, barley and spelt. An array of Sourdough Breads, including rosemary-topped Focaccia, seed-sprinkled Rustique, Onion Baguette and White Bloomer comes with the lure of health benefits. The Enriched Bread collection serves nostalgic Bagels, sweet-and-soft Chocolate Viennas, fragrant Turmeric Viennas and orange-zested Braided Breads. Rejoicing in beloved flour combinations, the Specialty Breads highlight the dense, browny treat, Barley Pumpernickel and The Italian with Mediterranean herbs and vegetables.

Picture of bliss right down to the last crumb, the Pastry repertoire turns out caramelized Palmiers, buttery Paris Brioches, almond-topped Bressane Tarts, dreamy Chocolate Croissants and spiral-shaped Raisin Swirls. Gorgeous Cakes, such as honeyed Walnut Tarts, pear-based Bourdaloue Tarts, chocolaty Sacher Tortes, sweet-and-moist Carrot Muffins and old-fashioned Orange Pound Cakes conjure up images of romantic cafés in the heart of France. From the buttery cookie treat, French Lunette, filled with raspberry jam and Macaroons brimming with ganache and butter cream, to Chocolate Chip and Coconut Cookies - childish, calorific delights transport one to old memories, grand ma’s kitchen.

The Experience

A classic bakery with outlets in Colombo 5 and Colombo 7, ‘Baguette’ bristles with convivial cheer. As you step in, the sweet scent of baking takes you by the hand and leads you inside. Small and cosy, the quintessentially French interiors whip up the perfect mood for a dreamy date or snug families treat. Soft lighting combines with earthy accents to create a romantic setting. A long counter brims with French baked treats, gorgeously beckoning you to take them home.

Between croissants and macaroons is a world of love and delight. ‘Baguette’; a whisper of France, in the heart of Colombo…

Note: Business hours are subject to change from outlet to outlet and listed are the standard hours.

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Starting price

LKR 400 Upwards

Business Hours

08.00am - 07.00pm, Monday to Sunday


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