Inside an upscale, urban grocery store inspired restaurant nestled inside the ‘Mövenpick Hotel Colombo’, a storm of Sri Lankan and International gastronomic expressions are encapsulated: ‘AYU’.

The Menu

From spectacular daily buffets, to an à la carte menu, grab n’ go breakfast and healthy dining options, there’s more than one way to enjoy chic and contemporary cuisine at ‘AYU’. Starter counters hold pick-me-up Salads like Asian Chicken and Mozzarella Grilled Veg, Prawn and Calamari relishes, Middle Eastern dishes like Grilled Halloumi and Hummus, Cheese and Cracker Plates, Breads and Sushi Platters. From Fresh Watermelon and Orange Juices, to Classical and Inspired Cocktails and Swiss Vintage Wines; gorgeous beverage impressions are captured.

The Sri Lankan islet brims with traditional native classics like Lotus Root, Yellow Crab, Beef Red and Creamy Dhal Curries; served alongside Red and Spring Onion Rice and a host of Pickles. An Asian and Middle Eastern culinary hotchpotch culls together vibrant cultural treats like Chicken Makhani, Lebanese Lamb Kofta, Kebabs, Wok-fried Pork and Kimchi. Powered by a pasta station and grill, the heavily meat-centric Continental stretch offers up Strip Sirloin Steaks, Pork Rodale, Roast Lamb Leg, Seafood Au Gratin, Duck Liver Terrine and Chunky Ratatouille.

Semolina Puddings, Apple Crumbles, Chocolate Cakes, Crème De Brûlées, Berlin Cheesecakes, Chocolate Praline Mousses and Raspberry Crunches guarantee a lot of smiles.

The Experience

Ensconced across the fourth floor of the ‘Mövenpick Hotel Colombo’, ‘AYU’ exudes a casual and fun dining atmosphere. From lush indoor couches and tables by windows, to an outdoor section overlooking the bustling Colpetty Junction, seating arrangements are varied. A vintage wine cellar and action stations buzzing with chefs in their best game add to the visual appeal of ‘AYU’ whilst vibrant green, blue and yellow décor tie in the tasteful look.

Banana fig, concord, chocolate and cheese cakes evoke dreamy feelings. Unleash your inner cake-mad this Saturday afternoon.

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Starting price

LKR 1000 Upwards

Business Hours

06.00am - 10.30am, Monday to Sunday

12.00pm - 03.00pm, Monday to Sunday

07.00pm - 10.30pm, Monday to Sunday


Sri Lankan

Sub Continental

Oriental and Eastern

Continental and Italian

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern

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