7 Degrees North

‘7 Degrees North’ is a specialty lounge bar and al fresco dining venue located at ‘Cinnamon Lakeside’. The luxury dining retreat serves Mediterranean specialties, Tapas style cuisine, Steaks and Cocktails.

The Menu

‘7 Degrees North’ crafts a captivating array of Tapas which ranges from cold style Stuffed Zucchini with Creamy Cheese to hotly served Lamb Meat Balls, Baked Octopus and Potato Bravas. Starters feature Organic Garden Salad and exotic Arabian Mezze Platter.

Mains at ‘7 Degrees North’ present French, Spanish and Australian indulgences that are based on a variety of seafood and meats. The Seafood Bouillabaisse Platter contains decadent ocean inspired treats laced in Provençal flavours. Lobster Suquet is a juicy, Spanish-style stew. Gourmet Australian Lamb Shoulder and Roast beef is also on the cards. Penne and Spaghetti Pastas are served with delish seafood.

Take your pick from exquisite Cocktails on the menu or dream up your own with your favourite ingredients and get the bartender to mix it up for you. Naarack is an exotic mishmash of Narang Juice (Sweet Lemon Juice) and Arrack. Vera Eola features a mix of Vodka, Triple Sec, Aloe Vera Juice, Kiwi Puree and Cinnamon Syrup. Intoxicate your senses with eclectic Spirits and Beers at the bar.

The Experience

Sitting close to the Beira Lake, ‘7 Degrees North’ whips up the ideal ambiance for relaxation and merry chatter. Mellow music floats the air, complementing the charming mood conjured by the scene of the sunset engoldening the lake. ‘7 Degrees North’ also contains the only aqua lounge in Colombo which comes with comfortable seating placed right in the shallow end of the pool. From Monday to Thursday, enchanting live band music surges through the air, beautifying the atmosphere. A Special beverage deal takes place daily from 6.00pm to 8.00pm and from 11.00pm to 12.00am.

Tapas and Cocktail moments at the beautiful waterside, ‘7 Degrees North’. Bask in laid-back charm as soothing melodies drift through the air.

Note: Menu items are subject to change.

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Starting price

LKR 1000 Upwards

Happy Hours

06.00pm - 08.00pm, Monday to Sunday

11.00pm - 12.00am, Monday to Sunday

Business Hours

05.00pm - 12.00am, Monday to Sunday


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Mediterranean and Middle Eastern

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