41 Sugar

Occupying a stylish rooftop setting within the historical Gymkhana Club at Maitland Crescent, ‘41 Sugar’ offers up a long list of frilly drinks and tapas bites to stave off the munchies.

The Menu

Open from evening, ‘41 Sugar’ serves up a slice of Colombo’s timeless nightlife scene. Whether one is looking to give it a little kick with an amber elixir or gorge on a lip-smacking seafood course, ‘41 Sugar’ offers it all. Choose from an array of Tapas which includes Hot Butter Calamari Rings, Balinese Chicken Wings, Roti with Pork Curry and Lamb Bolognese Spring Rolls and chase it with a Cocktail such as Citrus Bellini or Wild Berry Margarita, or indulge in a sophisticated classic such as Sachetto Spumante Rose, Campari or Jack Daniels.

Enticing one with the luxury of a three-course, this rooftop restaurant and bar in Colombo dishes out a range of starters, featuring the Mushroom and Coriander Soup and the Californian Mixed Salad, as well as, an array of main dishes, including the Layered Mutton Rice, Baked Crab and Beef Lasagna. Top it off with a fashionable dessert such as Mexican Churros, Chocolate Fondant Pudding or Homemade Ice Cream.

The Experience

Nestled within the stylish Gymkhana Club that dates back to the colonial era, ‘41 Sugar’ has a theatrical appeal to it. Affording views of Colombo’s ever-changing skyline, the rooftop bar crafts the perfect setting for romantic dining in Colombo. Stylish contemporary seating areas and designer lighting lends a sense of elegance to the breezy atmosphere. The snazzy, air-conditioned live music lounge features voguish décor. From disco parties to salsa balls, the night-time wonderland is ready to give one a good time.

As you throwback a Pinot Grigio, slouched on a low leather-sofa, the chilled tropical breezes jump at you. Friday night; a timeless party.

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Starting price

LKR 2000 Upwards

Business Hours

05.00pm - 12.00am, Monday to Friday

05.00pm - 01.00am, Saturday and Sunday


Continental and Italian

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