Zumba Shine 7 - 2019

Tumbling into the spotlight by an unwitting turn-of-events in the ‘90s, the Colombian-hailed-exercise program Zumba, duets fitness with zest. Following in the steps of its 2018 edition, the wellness hub ‘Zumba Sri Lanka’ packs up the confines of ‘Nuga Sevana’ with the young and old, in deliverance of an enthralling weight-loss cum music indulgence; ‘Zumba Shine 7’. Weave your way through the bustling streets of Colombo 7 as dusk falls, for a timeless respite from the fitness mundane.

Why You Should Go

Sporting an origin at the hands of choreographer Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez, who jazzed up his aerobics class with salsa and meringue tapes, having left his traditional music at home, Zumba has embedded itself as an enticing alternative for the workout un-enthusiast. Having weaved its way through timeless fitness developments, the beat-spun aerobic does away with self-consciousness, bringing forth an invigorating dose of fitness motivation and calorie-burner, wrapped up in music. With the fitness instructor of U.S certification Priyadharshan Ramasamy, spearheading the session, step to the beat and indulge yourself.

General Information

  • The Dress Code: Sportswear.
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