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“Build the world you wanted to be in” - Youth Forum.

A platform for the professional and the aspiring to interact across, discover and educate. ‘Youth Forum’ speaks on what it takes to take that first step into the corporate field, the importance of following your passion and the corporate pathway you shape that gives you ample opportunity to grow as an individual, to thrive as a contributing member of society and as a key value addition to the industry. Here, talk is encouraged, to voice out queries unspoken and to have them heard by peers and professionals alike.

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Taking place at the auditorium of the ‘University of Kelaniya’, the June edition of the much awaited discussion forum will see a series of experts step behind the mic in a bid to share their own experiences in the industry and what they’ve learned on a personal and a professional level from it. Manduli Katugampola, Head of University Advancement at the ‘Sri Lanka Technological Campus’ and unveristy lecturer, will be one of them. Tucked under the theme of a ‘Purpose-driven Career’, this event in Colombo delves into the unemployment rates in Sri Lanka, the detriment of pursuing a degree and a field you have no passion for and the rewards of stepping up the corporate ladder in a field of your passion, securing your own financial footing as you go and opening countless doors of opportunity for yourself. Join in.

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