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Tucked into the wayside hustle of Colombo 4, Sri Lanka's premier geek-themed cafe 'Geek HQ' pulses with cultures, predominantly being of course geek and has hosted several events to further varied fields’ talents, including 'Writer's Connect'. Step into a space for all things literary, for the writer or enthuse to further their pen-down sessions in silence and in the like-minded company of peers who're no stranger to the creative process of writing. Drop by for a peek at the latest feature to be added to the isle's literary field, bringing together writer and reader for a mid-week tryst into the pages of the literary.

Why You Should Go

Of 'Geek HQ'-hosted events, 'Writer's Connect' offers exactly what the name implies; a space of tranquil bliss, brimming with the necessities to turn a few pages deeper into literary works-in-progress. Stumble upon literary offerings, be it books of literature or science fiction, poised as snippets of inspiration or tales of their own; settle back with a chosen piece in hand and slice or two of the cafe's scrumptious relishes. Joining in on occasion will be field experts facilitating literary sessions for the passionate writer or aficionado.

Meet and interact with fellow literary enthusiasts; gloss over your own literary experiences or garner insight into their own. Make the most of features exclusively offered for the attendees; from complementary internet facilities to a 25% discount on caffeine-based beverages from 'Geek HQ' itself.

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Feb 13, 2019
Feb 20, 2019
Feb 27, 2019



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