Workshop on Green Technology for Manufacturing Industry

A rising issue grappled with the world over, the greenhouse effect and its increasing number of consequences is a concern constantly dealt with. With a key aspect of the manufacturing industry being the combustion of fossil fuels, a process vital to its thriving element, yet adversely affects the environment as a whole, an alternative means of production and process may be well advised to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the events in Colombo which speaks about this pressing need, this one day workshop educates leading industrial figures on a new, more positive technological approach to manufacturing: green technology.

Why You Should Go

Hosted by the ‘Green Building Council of Sri Lanka’, the workshop will be conducted by some of the distinguished figures in the industry; Professors of the ‘University of Peradeniya’, Ranjith Dissanayake of the Department of Civil Engineering and Professor Parakrama Karunarathne of the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering and Engineer Ananda Namal, Director General at the ‘National Engineering Research and Development Centre’, to name a few.

Educate in the challenges faced by the manufacturing industry, energy management and resource efficiency. From low carbon technology to the significance of ISO 9001, 14001 and the importance of Green SL Certification for sustainable products, a series of key topics will be covered, providing the participants with a comprehensive walkthrough of all that’s needed to integrate green technology into the industry.

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