WNPS Public Lecture

Hosted by the non-profit organization, the ‘Wildlife and Nature Protection Society’ (WNPS), the ‘WNPS Public Lecture’ is one of a series of monthly lectures advocating the significance of flora and fauna for the continued survival of Mankind. The August edition of the lecture will see some of Sri Lanka’s leading experts and professionals speak on the rapid decline of a key natural community that plays an integral role in the cycle of life as we know it; the insect population. With invertebrates making up roughly around 90% of the world’s biodiversity and insects taking up nearly 2/3rds of the living species on land, it remains vital that we lay an equal focus not only on the conservation of fauna but on the creatures that help improve the environment we live in. Join in, on an intriguing lecture conducted by the entomologists Nirmalie Pallewatte and Jayanthi Edirisinghe; head over to the ‘Jasmine Hall’ of the ‘Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall’ (BMICH).

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