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Stepping onstage the ‘Lionel Wendt Theatre’ are the members of the ‘Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka’, for a concert musical remembrance of those who’ve lost their lives to the Easter Sunday events. A testament to the fact that those who’ve passed maybe gone but not forgotten.

‘We Remember’ will see the Orchestra performing some of the most distinguished pieces of music in history, originally birthed by musical names of legendary repute. Conducted by Dushyanthi Perera, the line-up re-creates the tunes of ‘Adagio’ composed by S. Barber, ‘Symphony No. 40’ by W. A. Mozart ‘Rosmunde Overture’ by F. Schubert and ‘Slavonic Dances 1, 2 and 8’ by A. Dvorak. Immerse in a concert that brings together individuals from all walks of life in remembrance of the fallen as a response to an act that sought to devastate the nation. Bask in the notes that bind.

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LKR 2,000
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