Wayamba Expo 2019

Planning on taking your education to its next phase? Your search for higher academic options is now made easy. The 'Wayamba Expo 2019' is a collective of renowned universities and educational institutions, brought under one roof for a comprehensive showcase of the full scope of academic options that await. 'Wayamba Expo 2019' is marked as one of the biggest higher education exhibitions in the North Central Province.

Discover your true potential. Choose an academic option of best fit that falls perfectly in line with your capabilities, passion and future aspirations. Choices range from Medicine and Business Management to Hospitality Management and Information Technology. One-on-one consultation sessions with university representatives is an added perk that offers guidance on life at and after University, financial commitments, prerequisites and career prospects. Take the next step towards a successful career.

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Oct 04, 2019 - Oct 05, 2019



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