The Largest Australian Education Showcase in Colombo

As the doors of secondary school crack open into the corporate world, which is dusted with networks of career levels and options unendingly abundant, fall in line with a career path of best fit. Backed by ‘Jeewa Education’, this educational fair in Colombo will see representatives of renowned academic bodies gather at the holds of the 'Galadari Hotel Colombo'; step into your next educational phase as key figures take you on a walk-through of campus life, the essential course pre-requisites and what the future holds for varied fields of study.

Why You Should Go

From their perch on the top seats of World University Rankings, Australian-based universities and institutes undoubtedly make for key educational options. Leaf through the offerings of Deakin University and Queensland University of Technology or mull over the challengingly exhilarating courses of Monash specialty; a few of the 30+ academic bodies expected. Diplomas and Degrees of global prestige beckon the higher education seeker whilst Masters programmes of diverse sort top up the achievements of those qualified. With the voices of the universities themselves settling all educational queries, get the inside scoop on all key essentials; from the application process to the accommodation options and from financial concerns to the very substance of the course.

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