Symphony for a Child

Rising up in song in aid of an invaluable cause, singers, musical and choral groups lend their voices for an evening of musical bliss. ‘Symphony for a Child’ brings a collective of talented local artists onstage singing everything from the contemporary hits to the timeless classics of the old. Melding in a diverse range of symphonies will be the ‘St. Joseph’s Choir’ and the singers Sulara Nanayakkara, Tilanka Jayamanne, Rushane Fernando, Rochelle Todd, Pramukh Ranasinghe, Emesh Wijewardena and the students of ‘Ravibandu Vidyapathi’. All event proceeds will be donated towards the improvement of the facilities in the Wards 2A and 2B of the ‘IDH Hospital’.

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LKR 5,000

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