Swimathon 2019

Into the blue.

Ever wanted to brush up on your swimming capabilities and push yourself to achieve more in the waters? Here’s your chance. Lap your way to victory at ‘Swimathon 2019’, a challenge swim where athletic abilities in the waters are put to test. Hosted by the ‘Royal Aquatics’, the challenge doubles as a fundraiser in aid of not only the College but the facilitation of swimming education for aspiring swimmers.

Why You Should Go

Here, swimmers budding and professional are encouraged to challenge either themselves or family and friends to lap towards a set target in the waters. Accomplish the imposed feats and build up your talent and agility in the blue, bringing you one step closer towards achieving an all-round impressive skill-set which will prove vital in swimming competitions or as a personal skill developed for yourself. For every length swum, a monetary donation could be made towards a dual cause: the development of the ‘Royal College’ swim team and the facilitation of swimming training camps to schools outside of Colombo.

General Information

  • An online registration form will be made available in due time.
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