Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2019

Hosted by the ‘Ceylon Chamber of Commerce’, the ‘Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2019’ brings key policymakers, business leaders and global thought leaders under one roof. Themed on ‘Recalibrating Sri Lanka’s Economic Trajectory Towards 2025’, the summit carefully analyses Sri Lanka’s economic behaviour and deliberates on the best way forward in the upcoming years. While considering the domestic policies that underline the current economic workings, focus will be placed on global dynamics that may potentially come about over the next decade.

The significance of transformative technologies and their integration into Sri Lanka’s economic flow will be another key factor in discussion. In order to achieve the set economic goal, certain key proposals and reforms will be assessed and implemented in the years leading up to 2025 for Sri Lanka to recognize its own true economic potential.

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Event info

Sri Lanka Economic Summit Day 1

Sep 17, 2019

Sri Lanka Economic Summit Day 2

Sep 18, 2019


Local Single Participant of a Member Company
LKR 27,000
Local Single Participant of a Non-Member Company
LKR 30,000
Local Single Participant of a Patron Member Company
LKR 25,000
Local Individual Participant of a Group of 3 or More
LKR 26,000
International Participants
USD 250


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