Rock Saturday

Unfolding within the intimately-lit premises of the ‘Ceylonese Rugby and Football Club’ (CR & FC) is a throbbing rock revelry, brimming with the sounds of some of the isle’s famed rockers. A maelstrom of talent, drawing on a genre rooted in bass, sweeping riffs and the anticipatory beat of the drum, ‘Rock Saturday’ indulges you in a darker, visceral aspect of music. From the everyday mundane to the hub of rock; what else would you wrap up your Saturday with?

Why You Should Go

Raw, authentic compositions, pieced together from the bottom-up and finessed with viscerally-impounding lyrics cut through the air. As the fervor of rock sweeps through, locally-bred musical outfits, take the stage, a rambunctious clash of heavy metal, brutal death metal, crust thrash, raw groove and progressive metal, as well as hard rock and alternative rock fill the line-up. Presented by ‘Suriya Brothers’, an establishment founded on the drive to help musicians in need, the eve springs forth odes to the illustrious musical heritage of rock; make your way over to the streets of Colombo 7, towards a melting pot of exhilarating genres, sheer talent and an uncompromising passion for music.

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