Rendezvous - Pettah Effect Live in Concert

A collective of singers and musicians from all walks of life, stepping onstage with passion and commitment towards delivering nothing but masterful justice to the songs they cover; ‘Pettah Effect’ is a body of pure, local musical originality, now making its way to the concert halls in showcase of its treasure trove of talent. Taking place at the ‘Hatch’ will be ‘Pettah Effect’s’ first ever concert and as artists’ weeks of rigorous rehearsal pays off, sink back into comfort holds and indulge in unbridled musical artistry.

Why You Should Go

A rendezvous for the music-minded and the musical, ‘Pettah Effect Live in Concert’ delivers an eve of enthralling entertainment. As the talented steps behind the mic in debut of the musical piece they’ve been working on, having fine-tuned and personalised it to reflect their own touch, songs both timeless and new ring out, ribbed with the spontaneous tweak, run or a refreshing take. The concert comprises 22 performances with the line-up including Yohani De Silva, Gamith Illandara, Amarsha Tissera, Medhavi Jayaratne, Dellon Juriansz, Tehani Tissera, Harini Diaz and the soprano Dmitri Gunatilake.

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Event info

Jun 22, 2019 - Jun 23, 2019


Entrance Fee
LKR 1,500


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