Rakwana Reforestation Project

Once an expanse of thriving flora and fauna and a home to varied forms of life, the Rakwana Forest is now merely a bare piece of land; the result of it being burned away over the years by villagers and for alternative purposes. With a focus on tree-planting, the ‘Rakwana Rainforest Project’, birthed by the ‘Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka’ is with a mandate to restore the forest to its former glory and the varied natural sources it supports and gives life to; join in on an invaluable cause.

Why You Should Go

Fires set twice a year to the forest has left it with a complete lack of trees, greenery and wildlife. The Rakwana Forest was once a hub of biodiversity, yet with the constant destruction, water sources ran scarce, resulting in parched terrain and the Galdola Waterfall, which it contributed to, to run dry. Help re-populate a forest that significantly contributes to Sri Lanka’s collection of natural features. This community event will see a line-up of volunteers and members of the ‘Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka’ expanding and preparing the site for the planting of endemic and native trees and removing invasive species that restrict the growth of existing or new plants. The species that should be planted include the fruit-bearing and those which fall in line with wildlife necessities. Each sapling planted takes the project one step closer to its overall goal of 100 species planted and increases the area’s potential for water retention, particularly during the rainy seasons.

General Information

  • The meeting point will be at the Nilavaththa Kovil, which is in the proximity of a line house in the area.
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Event info

Jun 22, 2019


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