Plant Trees, Plant Life!

Take the first step towards a greener home. ‘Plant Trees, Plant Life!’, the tree-planting programme by the ‘Church of Ceylon, Diocese of Colombo’ is a reminder of the impact that reckless destruction of nature has on the world we live in and the homes of smaller animals who have no voice to speak.

An open invitation to all who seeks to join in. The programme is with a mandate to plant 20,000 trees on September 14th 2019, a feat which can only be achieved with the collective collaboration of communal members. The earlier the saplings are planted, the greater the green that lines the Earth will be during the time of future generations, making for a healthier world to live in and to maintain the existing species of greens that tower across island ground.

Registrations can be done at any local church registered under the Diocese of Colombo. Ensure that you’re at the planting site, which is the Urumiwalla Estate, at 7.30am, to have plenty of time for parking, registration and the collection of breakfast and to be assembled into your allocated planting zones. The programme is scheduled to tentatively wrap up at 12.00pm, followed by lunch.

The information displayed is provided by Plant Trees, Plant Life!

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