Oktoberfest by the Bavarian German Restaurant & Pub

Step into 'The Bavarian German Restaurant & Bar' for the biggest German festival of the year, 'Oktoberfest'. Uncork the cheer, throw back a cold one and unwind amongst the very best of German cuisine and spirited music. An authentic German eatery in itself, 'The Bavarian German Restaurant & Bar' specialises in native age-old recipes, serving up nothing short of the delectable flavours of Munich. A menu curated exclusively for 'Oktoberfest' offers up everything from freshly grilled, succulent meats to scrumptious German mains, made to savour. Drink up - choose from a wide variety of brews! Much like the grand Munich festivity which it takes after, this 'Oktoberfest' rings in the spirit of traditional games, abound with beer competitions and similar exhilarating activities. Entrance free.

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