Oktoberfest at the Edge 2019 by Water’s Edge

This beer season, raise your brew mugs in celebration of the good life. ‘Water’s Edge’ presents its anticipated ‘Oktoberfest’, a revelry of cold beers, German gastronomy and traditional Bavarian music, in celebration of the time-honoured Munich festival loved by thousands across the globe.

Taking place under a marquee at the ‘Boardwalk’, the grandiose beer fest honours vibrant German traditions and customs, with everything from the culinary spread to the festival activities curated in line with Bavarian culture. Tuck into scrumptious unlimited German cuisine, with the ‘Oktoberfest’ menu laying out a whole host of delectable relishes including fresh-off-the-grill meats. Throw back cold ones, after the other and try your luck at a festive game or two! Playing on the entertainment front will be traditional German music and renowned local bands such as ‘Infinity’, ‘Magic Box Mixup’, ‘Glory’ and ‘Centigradz’ ft. ‘Wings’. Ring in ‘Oktoberfest’ with flair.

Tickets can be purchased in 2 categories. Category A offers you entrance to the event while Category B offers you entrance to the event, 1 litre of brew and a Bavarian buffet. Avoid the queue by purchasing E-Tickets online here and receive a ticket voucher as confirmation of your purchase. On the day of the event, proceed to the ‘Green Channel Express’ ticket counter at ‘Water’s Edge’ and present either the printed or mobile voucher with the QR code or show the text message received from ‘Water’s Edge’ as confirmation of purchase to the counters. Collect your Physical Ticket and make your way to ‘Oktoberfest’. Group ticket purchases will be made under a single order number and all the Physical Tickets for the group will be issued at the first point of redemption. Children under the age of 12 will not be permitted to enter the event. The 1 litre brew can be substituted for a soft drink for those who are above the age of 12.

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Oct 17, 2019 - Oct 20, 2019


Category A
LKR 1,200
Category B
LKR 3,500

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