Oktoberfest 2019 in Sri Lanka

‘Oktoberfest’, the biggest annual German beer festival is here and the celebrations are nothing short of grandiose! Welcome to our 2019 hub of ‘Oktoberfest’. A complete round-up of much-awaited beer fests kicking off in Sri Lanka across the months of October and November.

With rambunctious Bavarian cheer dressing up the holds of eateries, restaurants and hotels, take your pick of beer festivity, hosted to honour rich German tradition and celebrate the good life. When it comes to celebrating ‘Oktoberfest’, Sri Lanka delivers in terms of hype, tradition and gastronomy.

Sprung up in Sri Lanka during the ‘90s, as a derivation of the original Munich festival, ‘Oktoberfest’ has since dressed up in modern twists over the years. The origins of the raucous beer revelry can be traced back to the days of yore, to when raucous celebrations revolving around a German ruler’s marriage took place in Munich. The festival has since been celebrated in varied countries across the globe. Each re-creation is a subtle variation of the original grand Munich revelry, yet brims with the unbridled cheer and merriment that it is known for.

As sparkling beer glasses out in mugs, sumptuous meats are grilled and the traditional music of Bavaria fills the air, kick back and indulge in exhilarating activities and games tinged with the spirit of the Munich festivity!

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Oct 04, 2019 - Nov 09, 2019


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