Nikini Full Moon Poya

Fragrant and symbolic, the aroma of incense fills the air whilst arrays of ‘pahan’ (lamps) emit a faint glow on to the scene. The ‘Nikini Full Moon Poya’ is a day of devout prayer and is key to various significant events which occurred in Buddhist history:

As the story goes, the 1st Dhamma Sangayanawa (convocation) was held on this day and an authentic collection of scriptures called Tipitaka was established. The holy day brings forth an opportunity to commence a period of sojourn for those who were unable to do so on the ‘Esala Full Moon Poya’.

Why You Should Go

The philosophy of Buddhism has often fascinated many a person, for the principles and ethics with which it’s governed are indeed inspiring. An opportunity to delve into local culture and witness an ancient religion in all its glory, the ‘Nikini Full Moon Poya’ also gives the opportunity of discovering an authentic take on Sri Lankan Buddhism.

Bask in a tranquil atmosphere where devotees are engrossed in religious recitations and children hasten about with jasmine flowers in their hands. Setting about a rather calming aura, witness how monks advice devotees and nudge them towards the path of spiritual fulfillment. Discover stories of the past with the temple itself being a reflection of Buddhist history (paintings adorn the walls in depictions of past events).

Indulge in a scene of utmost serenity, with devotees clasping their hands in prayer, against a backdrop of pink and white flowers. Bedecked with Buddhist flags, the temple pathways are alive with devotees flitting from place to place. Flames of ‘pahan’ (lamps) flicker in the wind, whilst inspiring reiterations of ‘gatha’ (stanzas) reverberate across the temple grounds.

Discover the reverential offerings of thousands of Sri Lankans in pursuit of the better path in life; a truly divine and exhilarating experience.

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Date and Time

Aug 14, 2019


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