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As the economy steps through time, challenged by the everyday hurdle and walking the line of sustainability, the collective stance of leading industrial figures and experts are needed in brainstorming key, effective solutions for pipeline advancements. Returning to the holds of the 'Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo', the 'National CXO Forum' tucks itself under the theme of 'Towards A Digital Economy'; a glittering conference cum knowledge-sharing platform fronted by the connoisseur, exclusively for the discerning corporate.

Why You Should Go

Stepping through the doors of the 'Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo' will be approximately 600 delegates from the island's private and government corporate sector. An eve of networking and knowledge sharing sprung forth; garner crucial insights from key figures across the globe and famed companies in the region. From practical know-how to corporate journeys of success, touched on will be the spheres of business process innovation, automation, artificial intelligence and the usage of the latest tech.

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