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Marked as three of some of the most distinguished musical figures in history, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Amy Beach and Franz Anton Schubert have laid claim to, over the years, breathtaking contributions to the field of music, amongst which is the mastery of the Flute Quartet, a form of chamber music. In honour of the artistic prowess out of which the pieces were born, the ‘Chamber Music Society of Colombo’ and the ‘Goethe Institute’ present a concert of these very works of art, exclusively for the indulgence of those who fascinate in the art of music bred in the times of yore.

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In performance will be Sureka Amerasinghe on flute, Lakshman Joseph de Seram and Ursula Nelius on violin, Othman H. Majid on viola, Saranga Cooray on violoncello and Nilanthi Weerakoon on the contrabass.

Once described as “the music of friends” or as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe put it, “four rational people conversing”, chamber music prides itself on its distinct feature of carrying on a ‘conversation amongst instruments’ purely by way of enchantingly intimate music.

Of Mozart’s most refined works, the Flute Quartets have earned themselves a name of notable fame as masterpieces seamlessly layered in vivid contrasts, charming textures and notes full of airy youthfulness. The eve will see the principal players of the ‘Chamber Music Society of Colombo’ deliver the 1st Flute Quartet in D major, K. 286, 2nd in G major, K. 285a and the 3rd in C major, K. 285b. The Quartet of one of the famed composers in the 19th century, Franz Anton Schubert, enthralls in a melodious clash of notes in G major, Op. 4. Settle back in musical bliss as the Quintet by Amy Beach, the first successful American female composer, resonates through the hallowed halls of ‘Goethe Institute’.

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