Missing Lovers Day 2019

Gathered at the cobblestoned spaces of the 'Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct' is every mother and wife whose loved ones have disappeared with no trace to their name. 'Missing Lovers Day 2019' marks a day of reminiscence and tribute to such individuals and unfailing hope of the plight reaching the ears of those who have the means re-open or conduct investigations into these cases; a bid by the affected to bring the missing back home. Founded by the non-profit organization, the 'Families of the Disappeared', the annual event falls on 'Valentine's Day'; a powerful reflection on the absence of hundreds who’ve disappeared, having either stepped onto the isle's battlefields or who've fallen victim to the wayside encounters with the unsafe.

Why You Should Go

As candles flicker against the breeze, lighting up framed photographs of the disappeared, step into the ‘Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct’, where a setting lightly done up for a ‘Valentine’s’ eve, in light of the event date, beckons. This ‘Valentine’s Day’, let’s take a look back at those missing as wives and mothers of the absent come together to recount tales of disappearances either enforced or unforeseen; an eye-opener in its own right, on the significance of loved ones in one’s own life.

Settle beside a family member of the disappeared and lend an ear to the invaluable moments shared between them over the years; help them voice out their grievances and educate yourself on the magnitude of Missing Person cases in Sri Lanka. Spread the word or volunteer your support; the mandate strong-held by way of this event is to send a powerful message to those in power and for preventive measures against further disappearances in Sri Lanka to be facilitated accordingly.

For those who attend, activities in line with the essence of ‘Valentine’s Day’ will be lined up, in a bid to re-emphasize the importance held by their partners and loved ones in general. Family members of the disappeared launch into song, performing tunes held dear by their loved ones in question; sing along to timeless classics. Stand in solidarity with those grieving and collectively help them obtain closure on disappearances, some of which span from 27 to 30 years and even more.

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