Mini Melo - Volume 2

To those who are no stranger to ‘The Melomanic Sessions’ - it just got better. An offshoot of the beloved ‘Melomanic Sessions’, ‘Mini Melo’ is a curated performance series hosted in smaller, intimate venues for a select audience. Born out of creative passion, ‘Mini Melo’ brings to you fewer artists but longer, concentrated performance slots for each. Good music and great company? Find the ‘Melo’ artists at ‘The Office’, on September 14th, 2019.

Stepping behind the mic for the 2nd Volume of ‘Mini Melo’ will be the artists Naomi Wijemanne, Asela Perera and Sangavy Thangasamy and the eclectic band ‘Funky Loops’. As fairy lights dress up the music space and a cosy atmosphere permeates through, settle back on bean bags as pure, original music by homegrown talent fills the air.

50 seats will be available therefore best book early. Reserve your seat by messaging the hosts Asela Perera, Anushka Senanayake, Chrisantha de Silva and Natasha Senanayake on Facebook or through email to

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