Masterclass : Applying to University in the UK & USA

The key to landing your name on the shortlist of university applicants lies not only in impeccable grades and qualifications of prestige; it also lies in your presentation. To the university, your application is not only a reflection of all that you’ve achieved, it’s a reflection of you. Ideally, the application should be well-founded, a clear indication that you have a plan in place for the next phase of your life and it should be addressed whilst keeping in mind all other vital aspects pertaining to your education at the university. In this educational event in Colombo, the founder of ‘Smarter Lives’, Nayanee Silva, speaks of the do’s and don’ts in applying to the university you hope to attend, the importance in choices, the essential pre-requisites and life post university.

Why You Should Go

Having provided educational consultancy to international students, being a qualified Life Coach and the founder of an enterprise dedicated to support students reach their goals with focused guidance, Nayanee Silva draws on her years of experience in the field to educate on the means of creating an effective university application. Some of the topics covered include one’s choice of university and degree and the application processes for those looking to study in the UK and the USA.

As a parent of 2 students in Charterhouse University in UK, one a student award winner and the other the winner of national Engineering scholarship awards, Nayanee divulges her understanding of the education systems and the vitality of guiding the younger generation every step of the way in achieving their full potential. Enhance your approach towards the study home of your choosing; spoken of will be the making of personal statements to the university, the presented academic profile, curriculum vitae and work experience, financial matters, university life, scholarships and case studies.

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