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The avid hiker is no stranger to the slopes of Piduruthalagala, the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka, but Mandaramnuwara, the charming little village that lies at its feet, is an area that has gone unexplored. Its tranquil beauty and scenic nature is often overshadowed by the towering glory of the mountain. This expedition by 'Art of Travel' explores the many secrets of the village, from its own, smaller breathtaking mountains to its cascading waterfalls.

Journey into the 'Misty City', that offers an upclose look at charming village life. The Kodiyaragala mountain calls for arduous trekking with its summit laying out glorious views of the low lying village and surrounding countryside. Visit the Kolapathana Ella Falls, a multi-step cascade which is fed by a stream that originates from the Piduruthalagala Forest Reserve. The Ethinna Wetuna Ella ripples down in a beautiful spectacle of natural wonder. Take a dip in the cool waters of natural rock pools and bask in the sounds of nature that echoes all around. Discover the unknown - trek through the wilderness, through wooded thickets to witness flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Mandaramnuwara is a spectacular trove of natural wonder that begs to be explored in all its glory.

To reserve your seat, a non-refundable payment of LKR 3,500 will have to be made before October 20th, 2019. This payment will cover your entrance ticket, breakfast and lunch meals as well as a Survival Food Pack and transport to and from Colombo in an air-conditioned bus. Offered free of charge will be first aid facilities, full event photography coverage and your morning and evening tea.

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