Join The Revolution - One Billion Rising 2019

‘One Billion Rising’; the mass action cum gathering which rises every February in countries across the globe, in answer to varied injustices committed against females, sets their 2019 mark on the tropical shores of Sri Lanka. A collective voice for women who’ve been subjected to violence, be it due to their personal identity or unjust causes, victims of harassment or sexual assault, a few injustices amongst others, the communal gathering speaks for over one billion women all over the world who’ve either been shunned, abused or unfairly treated. Make your way over to the lawns of the ‘Independence Memorial Hall’ as humanitarian, supporter, artist, literary figure and performer comes together in solidarity for the unheard and the unspoken.

Why You Should Go

Prepped for a turn around the streets of Colombo 7 will be double-decker buses and bicycles; step into a vehicle of choice and voice your support for those oppressed and abused. Garner awareness of the need to listen, to reflect and to take action and voice questions generally withheld as you join hundreds of supporters.

Musical and artistic expressions of communal views on the subject follow through after. Local artist Kapila Ekanayake settles into song, backed by the one-string instrument ‘ektara’; lend an ear to “Talking Consent, Through Rhythm”. Inspire and enlighten in the Tamil spoken word courtesy of Sharmila Seyyid and take in the lyrical power of feminist and political songs, spun out by Kimaya De Silva.

Titled “Living Proof”, Jake Oorloff’s performance art appeals on the visual front; expect a tri-lingual storytelling which centers on issues faced by the LGBT community. Bringing focus onto female objectification and the attributes of the female body, both strong points and weak, Venuri Perera delivers performances which include dance and other creative expressions. Renowned theatre director and arts educator Tracy Holsinger unveils her touch on female injustice; enthrall in a Sinhala play based on gender bias and inequality.

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Feb 14, 2019


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