International Conference on Business and Information

An open invitation to leading academics, researches and scholars to come together on one platform to share their own experiences and research on key aspects of Business Management. The ‘International Conference on Business and Information’ will be hosted by the ‘Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies’ of the ‘University of Kelaniya’ for its 10th edition as of yet.

Discuss your own research findings and learn about further field discoveries on mutual ground. The conference is with a mandate; for Business and Innovation researchers and academics to be updated on recent field developments and to further optimise on these for purposes of research. Here, key tracks will be spoken of such as Accounting, Finance and Economics, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small Business Management and Tourism and Hospitality Management. Connect with like-minded peers and collectively analyze how a Business thrives in an increasingly advanced technological industry - and in the 2019 world we live in today.

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