IELTS Open Day 2019

Do you have the perfect academic scores, your financials sorted and plan on going abroad? Secure your IELTS qualification to realise your dreams of studying or working abroad. Presented by ‘British Council’, the ‘IELTS Open Day 2019’ takes you through the finer details of the globally recognized qualification which is your golden ticket to a country of your choosing.

IELTS is recognized by over 10,000 universities, schools, employers and immigration bodies. Delivered by leading English academic experts at the ‘British Council’, the classes help you become proficient in the English language and help you meet your Band Goal. At the ‘IELTS Open Day 2019’, academic consultants offer tips and guidance on what your best ‘IELTS’ course of action should be and the support resources offered (courses and library facilities). To get into the practice, try your hand at a computer-delivered IELTS familiarization test. Should you opt for computer-delivered IELTS, choose from more test session options in keeping with you requirements. Fast-track results guaranteed within just 7 days. Be informed. Head over to learn more on what’s offered.

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