Hotel Show Colombo 2019

Attracting multiple hospitality entities in Colombo and those in foreign waters, the acclaimed exhibition makes its way to the city for its 21st edition. Colouring up the agenda with varied contests and master-classes, ‘Hotel Show Colombo 2019’ additionally brings forth hospitality merchandise and related services. Hosted by the ‘Ceylon Hotel School Graduates Association’ (CHSGA), the event invites all industry professionals to browse, discover and purchase from a diverse array of merchandise.

Why You Should Go

Branching its reach from tech and facility-management equipment to catering supplies, and from interior essentials to leisure facilities, a line-up of hotel suppliers and service providers showcases high-end brand products and services with varying hospitality, leisure, tourism, finance and security establishments in mind. The appetizing sight of baked, chilled, sweet or gourmet refreshes, courtesy of F&B retailers, undeniably calls out to be savoured.

Showdowns between professionals heat up the premises. Witness the ‘National Barista Championship’ semi-finalists from leading hotels and cafés in Sri Lanka battle it out for a slot at the ‘World Barista Championship’. The ‘Ceylon Tea Masters Cup’ will see mixologists showcase their art of crafting exquisite drinks while the ‘National Room Stylist Challenge’ judges on participants’ speed, accuracy and presentation skills in bed-making and décor.

Step into the ‘National Masterclass’; as a Chef of international prestige takes you through the latest culinary techniques and trends, perfect the art of gourmet and fine dining. The ‘Colombo Food Fest’ brims with the flavours and aromas of a multi-cuisine culinary experience; stroll through stalls bedecked with slices of Sri Lankan, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Arabian and European gastronomy and indulge yourself.

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