Foodiez on Street

The bustling sounds of culinary masters at work, backed by mouth-watering aromas demand that one at least drops by for a look-see at the source, which brings the streets of Colombo 7 to life. One of the culinary events in Colombo teeming with vendors specializing in varying food categories, ‘Foodiez on Street’ promises to be a festival of gastronomy, coupled with a cheerful dose of music and engaging to-dos.

Why You Should Go

Vendors line ‘Green Path’ offering an array of savoury and sweet delights, scrumptiously whipped up and appetizingly set; satiating an epicurean’s taste-buds will be multi-cuisine goodies. Make your way over to the ‘CMB Street Free Food Challenge’; dig into luscious monster relishes as you compete for the title.

An exhibition of revamped and high-performance automobiles calls out to many a car enthusiast. On the note of arts and performances: thumping beats of dance music fills the air, courtesy of a master on the turn tables and a musical entity. Let your little ones have their own share of fun at the kids play area as you wander around the bustling festival; indulge yourself.

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