Fairway Colombo Street Food Festival

Spice up your Saturday night with sumptuous culinary creations whilst swaying to the beat pulsing through the air; the much anticipated food festival is back and bigger than ever. Suiting up in gastronomical cuisines, diverse in taste and flavour, ‘Hospital Street’ transforms into a flurry of activity bringing together varying vendors and retailers; step through the bustle of epicureans and scour the stalls choices for many a guilty pleasure you’ve hankered for all week.

Why You Should Go

Bringing you the finest in Colombo’s street food, the festival is abuzz with life: vendors adorn the streets with a mix of local and international cuisine, bringing a new perspective to the culinary landscape of Colombo. The event kicks off at the epicenter of Colombo’s nightlife, amidst a backdrop of cobblestone pavements and a touch of historical vibes: almost artistic, if you will. An invaluable gem of colonial architecture, the location garners a reputation of coming alive at night: alight with the flurry of activity which always seems to be there and the multitude of lights from restaurants and shops on the sidewalk.

With a fusion of great music and ambience in the air, the night promises a variety of entertainment which backs up the festive atmosphere.

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Feb 23, 2019 - Feb 24, 2019


Food and Drink

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