Fairway Colombo Jam on the Street

Ablaze with flourishing local talent, courtesy of budding artists, the streets of Colombo 1 are brought to life once again in a revelry of music. A communal gathering of musicians, recreates songs across a host of genres. Delight in the abundance of crowd pleasers and classics, the mellifluous tunes exploring the air backed by the resounding beat of the band. One of a series of events backed by ‘Fairway Colombo’, in an endeavour to promote the music sphere of the country, ‘Fairway Colombo Jam on the Street’ takes place in the heart of an iconic landmark, the ‘Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct’.

Why You Should Go

Music fills the air as local talent takes the stage to unleash impressive executions of a number of songs. Kick back in an invigorating ambience with a promise of elaborate covers. The toe-tapping beat of the drum reverberates down the streets as bands and solo performers alike belt out their own take on much loved classics.

With a diverse line-up of musicians taking the stage, an abundance of vocals and differing music techniques hyping up the very atmosphere, the streets are abuzz with ardent music enthusiasts. Sumptuous relishes beckon; stroll along the premises of the ‘Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct’ for a mélange of gastronomical options.

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Feb 13, 2019
Feb 27, 2019


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