Facets Sri Lanka

Positioned as a premier platform across which gem and jewellery trade flourishes, the distinguished gem and jewellery exhibition ‘Facets Sri Lanka’ is back for its 29th edition - with a mandate to outdo its past successes with the collective industrial strength of both local and international vendors. An annual event hosted by the ‘Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Exhibition’, ‘National Gem and Jewellery Authority’ and the ‘Sri Lanka Export Development Board’, ‘Facets Sri Lanka’.

Here, curated collections of the isle’s finest gems and jewellery will be showcased. Expand your collective with the latest of precious and semi-precious gems, sourced on island ground and stock up on the range of jewellery, machinery and lapidary items on offer. Make your way over to the ‘Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall’ (BMICH). Make the best of 4 days of coveted gem and jewellery retailing.

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