Crawl If You Fall

The story of how Julie Moss, a novice American triathlete achieved an impressive lead in a face-off against professional competitors and the sheer dedication displayed in the face of looming defeat has captured the attention of many, around the world. It is this story and the mindset behind it which Julie Moss will now speak of first-hand in Sri Lanka, backed by similar journeys of power and commitment recounted by some of Sri Lanka’s leading businesswomen. Make your way over to a panel discussion, hosted purely for the modern day business figure to inspire and empower in, particularly when it comes to tackling the corporate hurdles of 2019.

Why You Should Go

Moments away from what would be her astounding victory at the legendary ‘Ironman’ triathlon series, triathlete Julie Moss crumbled to the ground in dehydration; what followed was a 15 feet crawl to the finish line in an agonizing 30 seconds, only to be defeated by a fellow athlete. Following the behemoth number of miles in the ‘Ironman’ triathlon, such commitment has marked itself as a benchmark for all ‘Ironman’ triathletes and has re-enforced the mindset to ‘crawl if you fall’. Settle back on a comfort perch as Julie Moss explains the impulsive drive she had to push past her physical and mental limits and re-claim her sheer will to cross the finish line, on foot or not.

Joining her will be the isle’s very own figures of iron-clad will; Varuni Amunugama Fernando, Joint Managing Director of ‘Triad Pvt. Ltd.’; Kasthuri Chellaraja Wilson, Managing Director of 3 of the ‘Hemas’ properties; Rajitha Jayasuriya, Group Legal Director of ‘MAS Holdings Pvt. Ltd’. The panel discussion will see the speakers reflect on their own experiences in the business field, from then to now, the challenges they faced and the choices made. The collective talks on success stories and tried and tested practices in overcoming challenges reflect on the varied solutions available in the face of adversity; ‘Crawl If You Fall’ offers inspirational advice on improving one’s leadership regime and the vitality of a positive and driven thought process.

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