Conchord Sri Lanka Tour - Let Us All Sing

‘Conchord - The Choir’ presents ‘Let Us All Sing’, a concert series bringing artists, singers and musicians across racial and ethnic divides, on one stage, to collectively share in their sheer passion for music and song. Doubling as the 2019 Sri Lankan tour of the Australian-based musical body ’Conchord - The Choir’, the concert series takes place in Colombo, Kandy and Galle on 3 scheduled dates.

Birthed with a mandate to inspire unity amongst Sri Lankans living in Australia, the choir has since evolved into a catalyst in evoking harmony through music. Taking on diverse genres, ‘Conchord - The Choir’ re-creates some of the most loved classics of all time; from Pop to Classical and from Broadway to Indigenous.

In an enthralling showcase of homegrown talent, the concerts feature powerhouses of Music, each rooted in a distinct musical genre of their own. Stepping in as Guest Acts for the night will be ‘The De Lanerolle Brothers’ and the choirs of ‘Wesley College’, ‘Visakha Vidyalaya’ and ‘Trinity College’. Immerse in a musical maelstrom of song.

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Conchord Sri Lanka Tour - Colombo

Sep 24, 2019

Conchord Sri Lanka Tour - Galle

Sep 26, 2019

Conchord Sri Lanka Tour - Kandy

Sep 28, 2019


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