Come Back to Sri Lanka - Kite Festival

Sri Lanka: a country of natural beauty, historical and cultural significance and timeless heritage. A Land of Warm Smiles, deep-rooted in a culture that welcomes all ethnicities; a cross-cultural bond which, for the longest time, was unbroken. This, here, is the true essence of being Sri Lankan. The aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks has not been easy; having claimed hundreds of lives, triggering unrest and tainting a heritage that takes pride in its multi-cultural diversity. This loss is engraved and will remain with us for years to come. Amidst the darkness drawn on, the beauty, the culture and the people which makes Sri Lanka the much-loved country it is, has been forgotten. A kite festival, ‘Come Back to Sri Lanka’, a kite festival is a reminder; of Her true nature and the fact that Sri Lanka is not a country prone to terrorism, but a country which is our home.

Why You Should Go

Make your way over to a kite festival hosted through the collaboration of local tour operators and entertainment and hospitality entities. A collective communal endeavour, this event in Sigiriya opens its doors to individuals from all walks of life, of all ages and races; a reflection of its true multi-cultural bond.

Kite craft is an art that runs deep in local blood, its creativity and build impressively varying at the hands of each individual. Build your own or purchase on-site and have your own masterpiece soaring in the skies above. A kite competition judges in terms of creative effort and design, with attractive prizes awaiting those who come out on top.

On the entertainment front, musical and cultural performances slip in, indulging those who attend in a showcase of sheer local talent and a reflection of the country’s vibrant heritage, through dance. Stalls line up, bursting with gastronomy, with everything from scrumptious savouries and sweets to beverages. Join in and stand in solidarity with peer citizens, in a bid to rise up and rebuild, in the wake of an act which sought to destroy.

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Jun 15, 2019



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